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Transparent pricing and a stress-free experience to find the perfect helper for your home.

  • Transparent Pricing and Processes

  • No Hidden Cost

  • Full Digital Services

  • 12-Months Unlimited Replacement Guarantee

  • Tailored In-house Training

Understanding your needs and wants

No two households are the same, we get it. That's why we listen intently to what traits and duties the maid will be undertaking


We understand that selecting helpers can be overwhelming at times. This is where we step in to handpick maids that best suits your needs and wants. Only presenting you with pre-screened suitable candidates. After all. it isn't about quantity but quality of the candidates.

Fully digitalised processes

Say goodbye to multiple trips to get paperwork done as our processes here are fully digital. From e-interviews where you can interview helpers anytime anywhere, to digitally endorsing necessary paperwork, and updating you on the status of the application. So you can stay atop on the hiring for an ultimate peace-of-mind

Pre-Deployment Training

We are employers ourselves first, agents second. Therefore we hold ourselves to a higher standard as we know we are not just doing a service; but placing an integral family member to your home. We put your selected Maid through our tailored training programme so that they are acclimatised to the local culture and standards they need to uphold. They will then only be deployed once they have met the requirements of the household.

One-Stop Service

Before a helper is ready for deployment, there are many mandated procedures that she has to attend. We provide a full suite of end-to-end services to ensure she completes all these processes and be here with you every step of the way by notifying you on the status of your Maid from arrival all through to the day of deployment.

Hire a Maid in 3 Easy Steps

Simplified For You

Selection Of Maid

Step 1

Select a maid from our vast selection of available maids.

Set Arrival Date

Step 2

We will manage all paperwork and give you a timeline as to when your helper is able to start working for you.

Receive your maid

Step 3

Your helper starts work in your home! All trained and ready to perform duties as per your needs.

Pre-Employment Maid Training
Every household is different. We get it.
We provide customized training for your maid to meet your specific home care requirements before deployment.
Tailored Training Programmes To
Meet your specific home care needs
General Housekeeping

Modules Outline

Housekeeping techniques for living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom Proper techniques for laundry care Basic sewing How to deal with pests Safety and proper techniques for window cleaning and work at heights Safe handling of electrical appliances Food safety and appliances handling Basic cooking

Conduct & Mannerism

Modules Outline

Personal hygiene and grooming Professional behavior: Taking initiatives at work, safe use of social media Proper conduct & behavior Managing stress Mannerism Understanding Scams

Infant & Child Care

Modules Outline

Care for infant's mother Infant Care: bathing, swaddling, carrying, bottle-feeding, burping, sterilizing bottles, toy safety, milk storing Dealing with child tantrums Child road safety Child home safety Healthy snacks for toddlers and children

Elderly & Disability Care

Modules Outline

Methods of handling critical situations Knowledge and skills to care for elderly with different disabilities Elderly safety and hygiene Ways of communicating with elderly

Our Agency Fees

 Clear and transparent pricing to help you make the informed choice!

New/Fresh Maid

Most Popular


  • No prior domestic helper experience

  • Usually younger & more energetic

  • Usually more accommodating & learns faster

  • Usually fewer family commitments back home

  • Lower basic salary(S$480 - S$550)

  • Maid loan of 4 - 7 Months

Experienced Maid

SG/MY/HK/TW Experience


  • Prior work experience In SG/HK/MY/TW

  • Better command of language

  • Adapted to local culture and standards

  • May have family commitments back home

  • Higher basic salary(S$550 - S$750)

  • Maid loan of 4 - 6 Months

Transfer Maid

Fast to Start


  • Recent Work Experience with previous employer

  • Can start work as fast as within 2 days

  • Adapted to local culture & standards

  • Face to Face Interview

  • Basic salary varies

  • Maid loan varies

Maid Agency Package
Includes but not limited to: 
  • 12 Months Unlimited Replacement Guarantee
  • Overseas Recruitment & Sourcing
  • Overseas Visa & Travel Documentation
  • Overseas Training & Accommodation
  • Overseas Transport & One-Way Airfare to Singapore
  • Personalized Training In SG boarding house
  • Pre-deployment Accommodation
Other Key information about hiring your maid.
Insurance & Security Bonds
Employers need to purchase personal accident insurance coverage for their maids. The minimum sum required to be insured is S$60,000. 

Security Bond: 
All employers of non-Malaysian work permit holders including domestic helpers are required to deposit a S$5,000 security bond with MOM.

We provide various options of coverage your preference. 
Min. Policy Package starts at S$226/year

External Charge
They are direct costs of services mandated by MOM Singapore, incurred by employers to hire their domestic helpers to work in Singapore.

They Include:
  • MOM Fee
  • Pre-employment Medical Screening
  • FDW Settling-In-Program
  • 9-Way Facilitation & Transportation(Singapore)
  • Serology Test for Vaccination

One Time External Charges ranges from S$350-600.

Placement Fee/Maid Loan
Placement fee(aka maid loan), is an amount that you loan to the maid agency on behalf of your new maid.

It is a loan that the maid requires to work in Singapore, which you, the employer, must pay initially on her behalf.

This amount is estimated to be around S$2,000 - S$4,000. 

However, this fee isn't extra cost for you. You'll get this money back as it deducted from the maid's salary in the initial months.

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